These dolls are three dimensional portraits, made to specific instructions.

Axel Kuestner, Photographer

Flory of Allflo Couture NY

KK Norris of The Attic Vintage Clothing 

Fonzy Ladouceur

Tara Belle

Fred (formerly) of Blanc de Blanc

(the late) Billy Miller of Norton Records NYC

Miriam Linna of Norton Records NYC
Papermache doll

Josh Johnson of the Paint Fumes

King Khan of King Khan and the Shrines

King Khan of King Khan and BBQ
Papermache doll

Darryl's sister

Mary Simich


Ruby and Rocio

Wanda Jackson (with yours truly)

Patricia Chica of

Sara Sabbah Tattoo artist

The making of Sara Sabbah

The Rockin' Bones