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I can help you feel good in body, mind & soul!

If you're wondering what sound therapy can help you with, let me put it this way: what can it NOT help you with? 

Since everything in this universe (including you) is vibration & sound is vibration made audible - sound has tremendous potential to heal. It literally gets to the root cause of your dis-ease. 

Here are some things we can work on together...

  • anxiety
  • ​depression
  • insomnia
  • PTSD
  • anger
  • grief
  • brain fog
  • trauma
  • heart palpations
  • autoimmune issues
  • morning sickness
  • long-term Covid 
  • v-injury
  • hope
  • clarity
  • self-love
  • self-confidence
  • life purpose
  • resilience
  • nervous-system
  • releasing guilt
  • pain relief
  • neurology
  • burnout
  • energy level
  • adrenal fatigue

Ana Shakespear

"If you’re open to miracles then I highly recommend Barbara! I am pregnant with twins & tried to reduce the morning sickness but nothing worked until the session with her. I felt so relaxed & the morning sickness was becoming less intense. Throughout the week I noticed it's gone. It's like her healing work was continuous after our session. I am now enjoying my pregnancy so much more!

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Emma Heywood

"Honestly after the session I was just BUZZING! That's the best way I can describe it. Just a buzzing energy in my whole being--yet also a clarity and groundedness I hadn't felt before, yet also a lightness flowing through me! Like something just shifted--literally got cleared out! My voice was deeper--more sure of itself. I was super tired the rest of the day but felt more connected to myself and my truth than I have been in a long, long time."

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Experience deep & immediate benefits...

Each session brings you closer to reconnecting with your authentic self. That part of you that's eternal & in direct communication with the divine. 

Your body is your greatest teacher. Its lightning-quick biofeedback mechanism gives you insights into the quality of your thoughts & feelings.

Because I work with your body's innate wisdom to harmonize energetic blockages to your well-being, every session is unique. 

It's really YOU doing the healing, I merely facilitate it. 

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Christa Bevan

"I could cry I'm so happy!


After 2 years of struggling miserably with sleep deprivation from a baby that has consistently woken up 3-5 times a night his whole life, I've finally gotten some rest.

Since working with Barbara, we are both sleeping so much better - more soundly and more restfully!


I can't recommend her services enough!"

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How does this work?


memories are encoded & stored in waveform


leave dissonant sound signatures


can literally tune you back into harmony


works to heal you from the inside out


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"Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack." 


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Hi, I'm Barbara!

I spent 3 decades healing from an assault in my early teens that left me battling with depression & severe PTSD. I had insomnia & when I managed to sleep I was haunted by violent nightmares. I developed autoimmune issues.


I tried everything. Talk therapy. Bioenergetic therapy. Art therapy. Drama therapy. EFT. Meditation. Shaking. Massage. Reiki. Acupuncture. Acupressure. Crystal healing. Flower essences. Homeopathy. Naturopathy... 

Everything brought me a little bit closer to reconnecting with myself. But the sense of feeling fragmented, of somehow being broken, remained. Despite it all, there was this golden thread of optimism & resilience that wove itself through my life & kept me striving towards recovering inner peace. 

In 2019 in the midst of an inner crisis I surrendered to Source: "I'll do whatever you'll have me do, just show me the way. I want to find meaning. I want to be of service." 

That's when everything shifted. I trained in EFT, spiritual life coaching and sound healing & felt like I had finally come home.


My life-long passion for self-development, my spiritual journey, my background in frontline work... everything suddenly came together. 


I have since worked with hundreds of people & continue to feel blessed beyond what words can express.

Ready to discover your full potential?

Let's work together!


"The immediate impact has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Previous pains and discomforts have been replaced by an awareness of where those pains began, allowing for them to pass and be released for good. ​​I am virtually quiet in mind and restfully at peace.


A sense of renewed optimism has taken hold and my troubles seem very distant now."

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Jen Wende

"My sound healing session was amazing! I felt like it cleared away the muck and afterwards I felt so light, clear and energized.


During the session I could feel different layers of stuck emotions that were weighing me down being released from my body. The vibrations felt so precise in where they were targeting, it was magical.


I highly recommend her!


My session was even at a distance over video and it was still extraordinary!"

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Tamara Dafour

I have been on a healing path for over twenty years & feel like I have tried it all but was overtaken by the sheer power of your treatment.


It's deeply unblocking & refreshing to the heart, mind & soul. It allows peace, clarity and inner strength to emerge in a gentle & loving way. You are a master at holding space & creating the most welcoming energy in which anyone can feel safe to shed trauma & express raw emotion.


So grateful for what you do.

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