Spiritual Coach 

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I believe in a holistic approach to well-being & work ceaselessly to revolutionize the way dis-ease is viewed & treated.  

As we recognize the mind-body-spirit connection & learn effective tools to help ourselves, we claim agency over our health & our lives. Instead of viewing our body as the enemy, we come to recognize it as our greatest teacher. 


When we stop masking symptoms & instead recognize them as cues to deeper issues that need tending to, we initiate healing the whole person, body, mind & soul.



It's my mission to help you heal from trauma, break free from limiting beliefs, recognize your divinity & understand the mind-body-spirit connection, so you may tap into the infinite healing powers of your subconscious mind. Healing starts on the inside & I am committed to helping you understand the connection between your thoughts, emotions, body symptoms & life conditions.

I help you discover your purpose & feel fulfilled. I believe each of us is born with unique gifts that we are meant to share in service of the greater good of all.

When we understand that there really is no 'other', we understand that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. 

Meet Barbara

I've been on a spiritual path from early childhood. Aquarius with Sagittarius rising, lifepath 11, soul urge 22. I'm highly intuitive & clairsentient, even though it took me until recently to fully embrace my gifts. 


I love simplifying complex spiritual concepts to make them easily accessible. I live & breathe the spiritual teachings that are revealed to me. I'm committed to share my gifts with you.  

I can help you with all kinds of issues, but I shine the most when I am able to help you break free from PTSD & buried trauma so you can finally feel safe & at home in your body & create life from a place of inner peace, joy and a lust for expressing your soul's voice. 

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