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What objects do you use for your sound healing sessions?

I use unweighted tuning forks in the person's Biofield and weighted tuning forks on a few body points, as well as in the Biofield.


I also use a number of crystals to introduce resonant harmonic frequencies in particularly resistant pockets of dissonance.

So, what is sound healing, anyways?

Sound healing is an umbrella term that covers a variety of approaches, all of which use the vibrations of sound to encourage the body to heal. The most widely known methods are mantra chanting and Tibetan Healing Bowls. I practice a different modality: I use tuning forks to locate and release blockages in your energy field and essentially tune your body and mind into harmony.


Research on the human energy field is still in its infancy, but in 1992 the NIH (National Institute of Health) officially adopted the term Biofield to describe “a massless field (not necessarily electromagnetic) that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”


It appears that our Biofields hold a record of our life, with stressful and traumatic experiences producing dissonant wave patterns. These inform how we view the world and how our body organizes itself, meaning they may lead to restricted holding patterns that affect breathing, leaving us feeling depleted.


Every organ, every bone and every cell in our body has its own resonant frequency. Together, they make up our body's unique symphony, kind of like one giant orchestra! When an organ is out of tune, it impacts the whole system (the scientific study of this is called sonocytology).


The goal of sound therapy is to help the body back into harmony, using resonance entrainment: when I enter a person's Biofield with an activated tuning fork, the fork starts to vibrate with the dominant frequency held in that specific spot and broadcasts the sound loud enough for me and the client to hear. Different emotions have different sound signatures that can be interpreted. Introducing an activated tuning fork into a pocket of dissonance allows the body to hear its out-of-tuneness. Repeatedly introducing a harmonic frequency into the spot allows the body to harmonize with the frequency of the fork, which leads to a release on a physical, as well as emotional level (often resulting in a deep inhale).


The comment I hear most frequently after a treatment is “I feel so much lighter and calmer.”

What ailments can it help improve?

While as of now there are no official clinical studies that attest to the benefits of using tuning forks therapeutically, practitioners are collecting a growing number of client testimonials that speak to the countless benefits of sound healing.


From my experience, it can help with most ailments, as it encourages the body's innate wisdom to bring itself back into alignment.

Are there counter indications?

There are a few counter-indications:

pregnancy, cancer, severe illness and end-of-life (due to possible detox reactions)

However, I have been asked a number of times to work on people - as well as animals - with end-stage cancer, who could not find pain relief from medication anymore, and, while I insist on having a waiver signed in that case, I received promising feedback, with significant reduction in pain and an increase in mobility. 

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Does it work on everybody?

Theoretically – yes. I have yet to meet anyone whom it hasn't impacted.

Can it help mental health?

It's necessary to keep in mind that sound healing isn't a stand-in for medical advice or treatment and clients are encouraged to seek professional help if they are worried about their mental or physical health.


That being said, I have been able to help people calm their anxiety, recover a sense of joy after periods of depression, develop a more positive attitude, feel lighter, happier, more energized and centered. I have also been able to help clients overcome insomnia and recover a sense of safety after trauma.


Another interesting application of sound healing is treating relationships – I've been working with a number of families who are reporting a new-found openness and love for each other.


Sound healing is also great for helping babies and young children and even animals who may otherwise not be easily treated holistically.

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