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Sound Healing

Tune your body, mind & soul into harmony 

Calm your nervous system, release blockages & trauma and

start to feel coherent, energized & ready to create a vibrant life in alignment with who you truly are! 

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Your body is kind of like one giant orchestra: every organ, every bone and every cell has its own sound. Together, they make up your unique symphony! When one part is out of tune, it impacts the whole system.


The goal of sound healing is to help your body into harmony.  


Different emotions have different sound signatures. Check out the recording below and hear for yourself! 


My client felt totally trapped by inner terror. Notice the pitch shift a few seconds into the recording. All of a sudden, it sounds like metaphorical chains, keeping her imprisoned. But check out how quickly her body shifts into a much calmer state! 

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Tuning into harmony
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The results you get with sound healing aren't just physical, they are also mental and emotional.


As you release blockages and shift patterns, you feel more energized, light-hearted, grounded and free to be yourself.