- feel whole again?

- get unstuck? 

- release trauma and blocked memories?

- integrate your shadow & grow from its teachings?

- get nourishing sleep & wake up revitalized?

- transform anxiety into calm?

- convert anger into peacefulness?

- feel energized, light and free? 

- feel your body & soul come into alignment?

- recognize & release obsolete patterns?

- fall in love with yourself? 

- come to experience your own magnificence?

- finally discover & align with your true purpose?

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Sound healing with tuning forks can help you achieve all of this & more.


Sounds too good to be true?

I thought so too...but read on 

Here's what happens in a session: I use a set of Solfeggio Tuning Forks, to comb your energy field and locate pockets of dissonance. Ok, so, wait a minute - what do I mean by energy field? I am talking about what science has come to call your Biofield. If you want to get philosophical, you can think of this as your soul, or, your aura. It's an energy field that surrounds your body, interpenetrates and informs it & that is informed by it... sounds wild? Well, yes, but bear with me, please. This field appears to be organized around our bodies kind of like tree rings: your body is in the middle and the closest ring relates to  your immediate experiences, whereas the further outwards we move, the further back in time we move, with conception & birth falling somewhere around 5 to 6 feet away from the center. 

Activating a tuning fork in your Biofield & slowly combing your field from the edge inwards allows me to locate pockets of stuck & dissonant energy. Through the principle of entrainment this area soon vibrates in harmony with the activated fork. Sometimes this may take several repetitions or even the help of broadcasting the sound through specific crystals, etc. Your body then literally retunes itself into harmony, a process that is audible for both, me & you. Think of these activated memories in terms of recordings - they are laid down as they were experienced. Much of what I encounter appears to be fear and stress-based. Different emotions have different sound signatures and go hand in hand with holding patterns that often result in restricted inhalation. As I activate these memories, the related holding-patterns also become activated & as the body tunes itself back into harmony, deep, nourishing breathing becomes once again possible. 

While most people experience the sessions as deeply cathartic & emerge feeling refreshed and wholesome, sessions can sometimes result in detox, with symptoms resembling the flu, or just general crankiness etc. This usually passes within 48hrs or so. I recommend doing a minimum of three treatments in a row, to initiate the process of deep transformation. 

There are a few counterindications, notably cancer, pregnancy, having a pacemaker or suffering from a severe illness. 

ONE hour sessions @ $50-$100 sliding scale. Please choose the amount you can comfortably afford. I am here to help you come into alignment. 

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