Did you know that tarot can help you to... 

make decisions with clarity, authority and integrity

understand alternatives, options and choices

recognize the impact of your actions and decisions

slice through illusions and see the bigger picture 

tap into your own light and follow your inner guidance

remember that you are the universe incarnate

navigate big and small soul lessons

Ready to get intuitive insights? 

 What makes my readings special? 

I am highly intuitive & use the tarot creatively to get insights to your innermost questions. We co-create the reading together and I encourage you to get deeply involved in making sense of the cards & applying their meanings to your specific situation. We get to the heart of your question(s) and journey through the cards together, interpreting them so that you come to see that you already hold the key to your questions in your own heart.


Tarot is a bridge between the seen & the unseen. It reveals blockages & negative patterns. It provides you with different perspectives, opens mental doors, reveals possibilities, shines a light on your blind spots & teaches you to take inspired action & become an empowered agent of change in your life. 

Your answers are waiting for you to discover them!


Tarot teaches you

  • to have faith in your unique life path and lessons

  • that you hold the answers to all your questions inside 

  • to have confidence in yourself

  • to trust the universe

  • the laws of creation

  • how to create positive change

  • how to move past obstacles

  • resilience, perseverance, persistence, stamina

  • how to connect to divine guidance

I encourage you

  • to connect to & trust your own insights

  • .to be courageous & delve deep into your own answers

  • to interpret the symbols in the cards intuitively 

  • to get to the heart of the question 

  • to ask empowering questions

  • to take responsibility for your life & decisions

  • to recognize your strengths & connect to your inner power

Arthur Edward Waite

"The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind"


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"pictures are like doors which open into unexpected chambers"