Un grand merci à Barbara  pour son énergie si positive et son humanité! Les thérapies familiale et individuelle m'ont comme re-connectee aux miens et a "mon moi"

Virginie G.,  Montreal, Canada


"My sound healing session with Barbara was amazing! I felt like it cleared away the muck and afterwards I felt so light, clear and energized. During the session I could feel different layers of stuck emotions that were weighing me down being released from my body. The vibrations felt so precise in where they were targeting, it was magical. I highly recommend her! My session was even at a distance over video and it was still extraordinary!"

Jen Wende, Montreal, Canada



"I had a distance sound healing session with Barbara. I couldn't imagine that sound would have any sort of impact at a distance. The opposite was the case! After the session I felt relaxed and had a pleasant feeling in my body. I will definitely have another session and can only recommend it."

Maria Engelbertz, Bonn, Germany


"I did a sound healing session with Barbara. I was totally open-minded to this process, but didn't know what to expect. I am so glad I did it! 

I felt so good during and after the session, like as if someone lifted up a big heavy rock from my shoulders. During the session, some old memories came up, and for most of them, unknown memories! 

I felt like my body and soul needed to release some things and I left feeling amazingly good after. I will recommend it to everyone and will be happy to do it again! Thank you, Barbara!"

Dalia Bridi, Montreal, Canada

"I could cry I'm so happy! After 2 years of struggling miserably with sleep deprivation from a baby that has consistently woken up 3-5 times a night his whole life, I've finally gotten some rest. Since working with Barbara, my son has slept through the night three times in a wk! We are both sleeping so much better - more soundly and more restfully! I can't recommend her services enough!"

Christa Bevan, Radical Mother Village



"I have been feeling amazing the last few days. All my nervousness is gone, I've just been taking roadblocks head on... usually this stuff really overwhelms and defeats me! I've been feeling really good since the sound healing treatment!"

Jessica Morales, Montreal, Canada


"I had a distance sound healing session with Barbara. It was lovely to be shown around the space. This enabled me to envisage myself there and choose crystals to help me with the session. 

I felt a variety of sensations as Barbara worked on my different chakras. I've had a bad knee and this became very painful at the start of the session and eased as the session went on. The pain has now gone. I truly felt the vibrations and was able to see ripples emanating from me during one part. 

I know yawning and wind is a releasing mechanism for the sympathetic nervous system and nearing the end I started to yawn deeply and had wind. Moreover, I have very dry eyes and my eyes began to water a lot. This was great as I knew this was clearing something deep-seated in me. 

I would highly recommend you try a session with Barbara, to help shift blockages in your life! 

Valerie Crozier-Nicholl, Ireland

Personal Coach, Kaleidoscope


Valerie_edited (1).jpg

"I visited Barbara for 3 sessions in the last 3 weeks. As I write this, we just completed our third session and the immediate impact has been nothing short of phenomenal! 

The removal of the stress I had been feeling & the restoration of energy has been a huge plus!

Nothing could explain how I was able to run up a full flight of stairs, effortlessly after our last session. Previous pains and discomforts have been replaced by the awareness of where those pains began in the first place, thus allowing for them to pass and be released for good. 

As I write this after our third  session, I am virtually quiet in mind and restfully at peace. A sense of renewed optimism has taken hold and my troubles seem very distant now. 

I am very grateful to you, Barbara, for this path you chose!"

Mike Standup, Montreal, Canada

Spiritual Healer/Teacher


"Last week I had my first session with Barbara. I was very sceptical of any possible benefits or even whether I would actually notice anything at all, seeing how the treatment was to be done via videocall. I live in Germany! But the effects were deep and moved a lot inside of me. Some moments were actually quite challenging. I felt so much of this at a physical level, it was absolutely incredible! After the treatment I had a great night's sleep & I woke up feeling replenished and better than I had in a long time! I am very excited to see what happens next!"

Victoria Adansi, Bruehl, Germany